Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Woah thanks Jeff, another package with Eat To Survive, this time with two issues full of dirty jokes ‘n’ laffs (The “Late Summer 2012” and “Hella FAT” issues) and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus, your website is the sunshine in my otherwise cloudy day. –Jeff
P.S. These are the newest comics.”

I’ll just direct you to the search page for the term “Mahannah” so you can see the previous three letters Jeff has sent over. You’re going to want to check out Jeff’s stash of art over here and buy Jeff’s comics over here.

EDIT: Thanks to the comment from Harrison, now we know that Jeff’s got a website up now too, so you can start out HERE.

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