Letter to Meathaus: Neufundland

Letter to Meathaus: Sebastian Koch

Meathaus received a package from Hamburg with a copy of NEUFUNDLAND in it and an illustrated multi-post-it letter that says:

“(We’re big fans of your blog!)
Dear Meathaus, We made a comics anthology called NEUFUNDLAND and thought you might like to have a copy. The contributors come from all over Europe, the U.S. and Canada and mostly have a background in animation. We hope you like it! 🙂
All the best, from Sandra, Jakob, Uwe & Sebastian
P.S.: If anyone’s curious: The thing can be bought at!”

Here’s a few photos of comics in this book:

Neufundland Comics

Wow thanks for this book Sandra, Jakob, Uwe and Sebastian. I’m feeling the international good trickfilmer vibrations here. It is a fine piece of work, the design is very pleasing and the short comics are satisfying to read and are very accomplished. I couldn’t snap a photo of all my stand-out favorites because I enjoyed everything in here in different ways. I love the concept sketch inside covers. You can slide over to the NEUFUNDLAND website for a preview photo of every story. I did decide to link up all the contributors here because each of them has some work that you are going to enjoy looking at, and many are familiar names to followers of this blog since we’ve linked up a whole load of them before:

Barbara Benas, Sandra Brandstätter, Dominic Eise, Uwe Heidschötter, Sam Hiti, Mark Kjaergaard, Sebastian Koch, Enrique Lorenzo, Sylvain Marc, Maike Plenzke, Miguel Porto, Christian Puille, Alfonso Salazar, Jakob Schuh, Andreas Schuster, Steffi Schütze, Mikkel Sommer, Louis Tardivier, Phil Warner, Thomas Wellmann, and Heinz Wolf.

Gruffalo Concept Art

As an aside note, I happened to watch The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child recently with my kids and thought they were excellent. I liked the restrained color design, the camera direction with use of different depths-of-field, and the marriage of the real background sets and CGI characters that also felt sculpted with hand-tools, the subtle movement, the quietness and sound and voice recording, all of it was very refreshing and felt like a super solid example of 3D cartoon animation. I bring it up here because a handful of the above names were on those productions including some of the co-directors of each. Actually some of these names are partners of Studio Soi too, where these films were produced.

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I bought this comic after seeing this post. It is beautiful, and on much better quality paper than I expected for the price. One or two of the stories seem to end a little abruptly (almost as if they are samplers, rather than the full strip) but there are many that are very well-paced, and rely cleverly on a lot of visual communication. They mostly have the same title (The meaning of life), so it is tricky to pick any out, but the one with the goldfish is probably my favourite. Or the one with the fox.

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