Letter to Meathaus: Space Face Books

Letter to Meathaus: Space Face Books

Space Face Mack sent over five comic books and wrote Meathaus a note on the back of a Blobby boys postcard that says:

“Hey Meathaus, Here are Space Face’s 2012 BCGF debuts. Thanks, Mack”

Excellent thanks Mack! These books are really giving me sensations. There’s the Charles Foresman book, Snake Oil Eight which is a character study of this guy who played a famous robot in a famous science fiction movie and his broken relationships in single page vignettes. There’s Nightcrawlers by John F. Malta which will be continued soon in issue #2, in which Oscar finds out his uncle was both a world famous duck-faced vigilante and the lead signer of a seminal dungeon punk band, If You Got it, You Got It by Rand Renfrow in which two guys are curious about a mysterious figure that longingly wants their mysterious journal… maybe… Cyber Surfer by Alex Schubert about Cyber Surfer the robot’s ass-kicking exploits murdering stuff, Molecules by Michael DeForge which is a scientific manual on the life and death of the molecular mesh that surrounds all objects, and Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la Mort by Simon Hanselmann which begins like a funny Megg and Mogg and Owl comic and then becomes terrifying. Your best bet is to click over to Space Face and/or Space Face and get copies of everything right away.

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