Letter to Meathaus: Revival House Press


Why is my computer fighting me to make this post. The scanner scans two images then no longer is recognized by the software, the website uploader uploads half the image then hangs there, this animation podcast I’m listening to is just this guy talking really slowly and disjointedly because he is trying to record a podcast at the same time as driving through LA traffic, so much dead air as he pauses to see accidents almost happen that he probably is almost causing, what a world. Anyway, Dave Nuss generously has sent Meathaus new comics by Malachi Ward and Drew Beckmeyer published by his Revival House Press. They are The Reverie, and Everything Unseen Parts 6 & 7 which feature “the unsettling nature of having one’s wishes truly granted” and “an evocation of thoughtfully whimsical and, sometimes, disturbing notions embodied by an appearance of straw-hats, sand-castles and ritualized sacrifice”, respectively, according to the included press-release-type letter. That sacrifice is babies, BTW. They are the kind of babies that are drawn with tiny man-heads, sort of dark-ages style. You know those paintings you can see of the Madonna and Child, the type where Jesus is a a sort of tiny-man-proportioned baby? Those are cool. It is like the artists never saw babies before. But it certainly fits here in Drew’s strange world he has been drawing. See previous letters and comics from Revival House Press here with the Nuss search.

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