Letter to Meathaus: Baxter Roy Long

Letter to Meathaus: Baxter Roy Long

Meathaus got a letter and a drawing zine called MAVRIC and some old photos and a CD with a pocket on it that has a recipe card on it for Molasses Ginger Drops from Baxter and the letter reads:

“Dear Meathaus,
Hello from Seattle, Washington! I hope the winter isn’t too harsh on your ol’ bones over in Philly. I finished making this zine today and just couldn’t wait to mail you a copy! I really love the stuff you put out, I find it really inspiring and beautiful. My dream is to someday take part in one of your anthologies. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for looking at my drawings. Oh! I also included a self titled record that I just finished making.
With love, Baxter Roy Long

Hey Baxter thanks for all these nice things and the drawing zine and letter. This self-titled record is really starting out smooth it goes well with Meathaus posting. Check out Baxter’s blog for more artwork and drawings he’s drawn on his guitars and photos of this super workshop space he’s constructed. It’s got all the stuff you need, drums, a guitar and a drawing table.

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