Letter to Meathaus: Kelsey Short

Letter to Meathaus: Kelsey Short

Kelsey Short sent Meathaus two art zines and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus,
Included is one zine I made (Grid) and another I made with a group of 5 people. (306 #1). Take a look and I hope you like what you see. LOVE the Meathaus blog. –Kelsey Short”

Thanks for these zines and the note Kelsey. In Grid there’s some nice drawings of different ladies hanging out and checking the computer and having their face melt off and at the end there’s sort of a mini comic story about two young women who go to their friends group art show and sort of get snarky about everything. Three06 (as it’s titled on the title page) includes work from some pals that shared a studio at one time: Nancy Chiu whose comic story definitely involves cuddling kitties, Harry Diaz (two pages of his are above, at bottom), Evan Ferrell whose wordless comic is about the isolation of insomnia, Yevgeniya Mikhailik who draws some really nicely stylized rocks, and Kelsey Short who turns in a little comic about a girl who bites the forbidden fruit the other kids are eating that either leads to enlightenment, growth, or a major stoney zone. See more shots of both on Kelsey’s website.

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