Letter to Meathaus: Neoglyphic Media

Letter to Meathaus: Neoglyphic Media

Cullen Beckhorn from Neoglyphic Media sent Meathaus over a comic book called Poor Thing #1 by Drew Miller and a letter and a note that read:

This is the first issue of a planned ongoing series from Drew Miller. We’re both really happy with how it turned out and plan to stick with this sort of fancy one-man-anthology format for future issues. Drew is so damn talented, it seems best to just let him throw in anything he wants.
Stoked to get the Meathaus S.O.S. books! That book was a huge inspiration for me personally and still is one of the best comic anthologies I own.
Check out the EMERGENCE anthology that I’m planning to put out next. It’s on Kickstarter now.
Best, Cullen

Also, take a look at the other project I started a few years back, The Bellingham Alternative Library! It’s a really cool spot if you ever come out west.

All right, super, Cullen. Thanks for this Drew Miller book, I scanned my favorite bit that I found paging through just now, certainly I don’t see how I’ll find a part I like better upon a thorough reading than a part with a holographic date training simulator. But it certainly makes me want to finish reading. Take a look at what Cullen has going on over at Neoglyphic Media.

Also, Cullen’s right. Meathaus S.O.S. is one sweet book. You should get yourself one or get prepared to get one in the next few months. I have them all. I bought the back stock from the publisher. We’re gonna have to raise some funds to get back in black. The old fashioned way, I’ll be selling shit. Keep eyes peeled on this space. Soon…

P.S. Brandon James Clarke coincidentally recently discovered S.O.S. himself and had this to say about it. The only correction I have on that article is the notion that I created Meathaus, since it has always been a group effort and if there was anyone birthing a Meathaus brainchild it would have to be Farel who started this whole jimmy jawnson, based on inspiration he found when he took a trip to Angoulême with Tomer and James back in ’99 or so. I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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