Letter to Meathaus: Samuel Cochetel

Letter to Meathaus: Samuel Cochetel

That’s the luck of the draw. Sometimes you send a letter to Meathaus and it sits over in the corner for two and a half months while energies are side-tracked to some big-ass project that pays the bills, or some of the bills, and your letter may accumulate small spiders and a few dust bunnies, and maybe one of those house centipedes which my dad insists are “the eagles of the bugs in your house”, which I think is a comment on their swiftness, strength and hunting ability. Sometimes, like Samuel Cochetel’s letter here, it arrives at just the right time where the letters pile has been cleared and the momentum is rolling and the letter gets scanned and posted in less than 12 hours after its arrival. Samuel sent Meathaus two zines and five postcards and a letter that reads:

“Hello Meathaus!
First of all, thanks a lot for the post you wrote a few months ago about my drawings. That’s very nice of you!
Here are a few postcards that I drew and 2 zines which I participated on with others artists/writers. The second one just came out. Most of them are in French but there are a few writings in English. I hope you’ll like it!
Thanks, Samuel”

Thanks for all these items, Samuel, and don’t forget that radical skateboarding dog on the envelope drawing. Look at that BRUIT #2 cover art! All this work is really pleasing to look at and deserves closer looks because of its density. Samuel has a lot of it on display on his blog and website where you can see much more.

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