Last Days of Coney Island

Last Days of Coney Island

Ralph Bakshi’s Last Days of Coney Island Kickstarter campaign is live. I never post Kickstarters on here just so I don’t have to pick and choose which are worthwhile and so I don’t get flooded with people sending me their Kickstarter campaigns.

But here is one campaign that I can get behind and promote here. It’s my friend Ralph’s Kickstarter campaign to get a new series of animated shorts into production. Ralph hasn’t been dormant since his last feature film, he’s been painting and sculpting and drawing thousands and thousands of pieces, having arts shows and doing talks all over the country. All along he’s been working on ideas, scripts, characters and pre-production pieces for Last Days. Since I met Ralph back at SVA in 2000 or so, I’ve worked on dozens of projects with him, many of them have been related to and building to this project. There’s even a moving collage type clip with advertisements and an elevated subway shot in the above promo video that I made for Ralph back on an earlier version.

Kickstarter really seems like the right place for Ralph to get his next production funded directly by people who want to see his work. I’m going to head over there now and do my first Kickstarter pledge.

Oh and look at that beautiful background art Ralph made up top there.

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