Letter to Meathaus: Connor Annal

Letter to Meathaus: Connor Annal

Connor Annal sent Meathaus a package with a Lazy Day zine and a print of an apple that is made up of skateboards, doughnuts, burgers, bongs, sunglasses, pizza, those hats you wear with the brim all up so you can read the word on the bottom of the brim and I think there are some ferns in there too. Also a sticky note:

“Hey dudes! I’m a big fan so I thought I’d send you some stuff. Hope you like it! –Connor”

Thanks Connor for these kind words and these items. Oh yes and there are some stickers here too and the paper the print was wrapped in also had the same print on it which is a wild idea that is blowing my mind. Inside the zine there are also color photos of the sun shining through some palm trees and definitely some more drawings of pizza shapes and bongs and a potted plant. See more Connor work here and here and here. I think just looking at this zine made me chilled out and full of doughnuts.

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