Letter to Meathaus: 1RODHWY

Letter to Meathaus: 1RODHWY

1RODHWY sent a package to Meathaus including The Young Dissenter’s Handbook Volume II by Ryan Eggensperger and Dan Strauss which has intense words and images paired for uneasy effect, Seething With Hatred #2 by Jim Moscater and Dan Strauss which has more entertaining stories about being in close contact with your neighborhood psychopaths, DOGS’ MINDS IN ASPHALT: Book Two by Michael Slatky with drawings of curious body shapes and orifices and some stickers and a note:

“Comrades, This is the second communication from 1RODHWY. Deeper underground now, our resolve has strengthened, our senses sharpened. Catholic priests and condensed milk both come in little cans. Stay calm, we’ll see you in the powder room. 1RH”

Sweet payload, 1RH, check this out, here is a link to the first 1RH package that was sent to Meathaus. Also there are 1RODHWY websites here and here.

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