Letter to Meathaus: Fabio

Letter to Meathaus: Fabio

André Valente and Gabriel Góes sent a super pack of mini zines to Meathaus with a chicken leg on the envelope and double letters that read:

“Meathaus people, this is FABIO (a small sample of it, actually) a zine project from Brazil – 100 editions in the span of a year! I hope you like it. (We really like Meathaus, by the way.) [teenage mutant ninja turtle head] André Valente”

“Meathaus is cool! Good job lads! [man head in a square] Gabriel Góes”

Fantastic, I love these zines. They make me think about the way postage keeps going up in cost and how these zines pack in so much drawing in nice little packages. Each one is a cover and eight pages long, made up of only 1.5 sheets total of paper and one staple. But besides their size and weight and advantage in postal costs, the art work and comics are super fun. André and Gabriel have got cartooning skills, every drawing is a pleasure to see. Each zine has four pages for each artist, has 100 copies printed on a laser printer, must be created by all analog means, is assembled by hand, and has one copy each mailed to Fabio Zimbres. So I like the creepy fanatic aspect to this project as well. See more at FABIO.

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