Letter to Meathaus: George Wylesol

Letter to Meathaus: Geoyrge Wylesol

George Wylesol was a student in the first or second semester of classes that I taught at UArts in the illustration department. It was a section of a class called Sequential Format which was a fun one because we produced illustrations, comics, zines and animation. In class I would promote what Heller and Arisman discuss in their books (such as The Education of an Illustrator), the importance of being an author, a creator of your own work in your own voice, in addition to illustrating client assignments. I have noticed that the artists I see producing exciting personal work also seem to be the artists finding exciting commercial work. The outstanding personal project can function as the best portfolio in many cases.

Anyway… George always had funny stories he would tell in class, and he also would write short stories and he made an illustrated short story zine as one of the class projects. That’s why I was pleased to see that he was still at it when he sent Meathaus over a package with a bloat zine and letter that says:

“Hey Chris, how are you? I’m great. I have been looking at the Meathaus website every day for a while now, and thought I’d send you my first promo pack jawn. There’s some postcards and a zine full of short stories and illustration. The post-ILLUS*322 02 SEQUENTIAL FORMAT world is terrifying but exciting. Hope everything is good with you. Peace. -George”

Thanks George! Good to hear from you and read these stories. Keep creating the personal work. Everyone can see more from George over here.

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