John and Ralph

John K and Ralph Bakshi

John Kricfalusi drew the top image here in the 1980s when developing TV shows with Ralph Bakshi. He’s posted about the funny concept for Ralph’s Playhoel over here on his blog. Beneath that are two Ralph doodles that I had on my hard drive which may or may not relate to his current Last Days of Coney Island kickstarter campaign. John writes about the depth of Ralph’s influence and how it has affected generations of artists and filmmakers. There are less than five days left in Ralph’s fundraising campaign, and it needs a final push to get funded, so if you were thinking about it, now is the time to help Ralph get into production again. It would be especially fitting that Ralph could return to filmmaking with a small production team through the direct financial support of his fans, completely side-stepping the Hollywood financing system that has frustrated his efforts over the last decade.

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