Letter to Meathaus: Maryanna Hoggatt

Letter to Meathaus: Maryanna Hoggatt

Maryanna Hoggatt sent Meathaus a package with a fine meatini outside, two volumes of Adult Babysitting inside, and a letter that reads:

“Enclosed you’ll find the first two volumes from my mini-comic series, Adult Babysitting.

Based on 5 years experience as a bartender in Portland, these tales are horrifying, shocking, hilarious, and all very, very true. I hope you enjoy laughing at my pain.

Cheers! Maryanna Hoggatt”

Thanks Maryanna! Your pain is funny. These mini comics paired with a horrifying cougar attack in my local bar a couple weeks back reminded me to never act on any half-baked fantasies about opening up a bar some day, because then I’d have to let strangers into it and let them get drunk, which is basically a nightmare. See more Maryanna drawings, lettering and comics on her website and blog and see more Adult Babysitting on its very own website.

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