Letter to Meathaus: David Mahler

Letter to Meathaus: David Mahler

David Mahler sent Meathaus a package from Melbourne with Crimson Ginseng, Coracle, and Skull Comix in it plus a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus,
We recently had a zine fair down here in Melbourne, Australia. I pulled a few all nighters and managed to crank out a couple of new books, so I thought I’d send them your way. Coracle and Crimson Ginseng are companion comics, Skull Comix is just a bunch of stoner strips. You can tell by the illegible writing that it got a bit rushed towards the end; I decided to re-text some of the worst culprits. They’re up on my tumblr for free (of course) if there’s anything you can’t figure out! Sorry!!
Stay well, From DavidCMahler”

Thanks for the comics and comix, Dave. I especially enjoyed finding a tiny-mini-comic about trying to photocopy the comics on a Sunday six hours before the zine fest staple-bound into the larger mini-comic. See more David C. Mahler over here on his blog.

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