Two Takes on Macbeth

Benjamin Marra's Macbeth

When I was talking to Benjamin Marra at the Locust Moon Comics Fest here in Philly a few months ago he mentioned this 10-page Macbeth adaptation he was doing for the Bavarian State Opera. Ben shared some images from his project on his blog, and a few are posted above. Our discussion brought back these intense memories of a comic book adaptation of Macbeth that I had read in 6th grade for school. In a coincidence, I reclaimed some old boxes from my parents basement and found the copy of that Macbeth comic recently. Below are a few scans from the comic book adaptation that I read in 6th grade, published in 1982 by Workman Publishing with illustrations by “Von” complete with generous air brushing and what appears to be marker and gouache. The color illustrations by Von below are primitive in some ways but share a good, brutal energy with Ben’s interpretation of Macbeth above, both fitting for the material.

Macbeth by Von

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