Letter to Meathaus: Rusty Jordan

Rusty Jordan

Rusty Jordan sent Meathaus issues one and two of History in Ruins by Rusty Jordan and Andrew Smith and a note that says:

“Here are some comics for you to check out. Hope you dig them! -Rusty”

Thanks Rusty, these are the best. I’m already hooked on these books full of rubbery wrinkles and dirty deeds. I learned about Duane Fields’s cruddy part time job and his mom’s tight pants and his basement chill zone in his mom’s house where he hangs out with a rodent. Most of all I’m running my eyes over these gritty cartoon drawings with 100% pleasure. I’m searching all over the internet to help our readers find the location where they could secure their own copies, but all I find is Rusty’s twitter. Also a review over here of issue 1. Maybe that’s a start.

EDIT: See the comments for info on how to get some History in Ruins.

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thanks chris- if anybody wants these, send $2 per issue (well concealed $) or your zines to trade to:

1132 W. Yale St.
Ontario, CA 91762 USA

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