Letter to Meathaus: Violaine Briat

Violaine Briat

Violaine Briat, just recently featured here, sent Meathaus a package with a Mini Adventure in it and a letter that says:

“Man I sure do feel a bit stupid sending you my book after you blogged about me! But I’m so honored, and so many thanks! It’s great and now I can just hope you’ll enjoy the humble book 🙂 Violaine Briat
PS: Sorry for the terrible cursive…”

Thanks Violaine! Don’t feel stupid. In fact, you did exactly the right thing: showering Meathaus with gifts of an adventure book about a goat thing and cat thing chasing this other critter thing with a net through sensational fantasy landscapes printed in a handsome mini comic by éditions Rutabaga. Inside the cover there is another note to Meathaus that says: “For Meathaus! Thanks for blogging my art, and just for being awesome in the first place!!! Violaine”, and a drawing that is an original made with a tiny pen nib that looks just like the rest of the printed Mini Adventure book. You’ll find more Violaine work on this Blog and other blog.

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