Letter to Meathaus: Bob Flynn

Letter to Meathaus: Bob Flynn

I had sent Bob Flynn a copy of Lenny and he sent back a package with cool drawings on everything, a pile of HEEBY JEEBY comics and a note that says:

“Thanks for the book, Chris! Have fun with these HEEBY JEEBYS! –Bob”

This is super, Bob. Issues 1-4 of HEEBY JEEBY are full of cool gross-out gags, lots of Halloween stories, robots, aliens, monsters, blobs, trolls, dinosaurs and brains! HEEBY JEEBY is made by Bob Flynn, David DeGrand, Chris Houghton and Dan Moynihan. They have a HEEBY JEEBY blog where you can read a load of the comics and get issues for yourself here. Some or all of these fellas have an ex-Nickelodeon Magazine connection, in that they were creating comics in the same kid-readable-mold for that publication when it folded.

Bob also sent a minicomic called Marker Story with one of his signature little monster guys going on a quest through a strange landscape, and he made an original drawing on every available surface in each book. Above is a robot by Dan Moynihan and a haircut line by Bob.

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