Letter to Meathaus: Matt Crabe

Letter to Meathaus: Matt Crabe

Matt Crabe, Heaven’s Favorite Man, sent Meathaus a package with a three zines and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus!! Almost cut off my thumb putting this together. Enjoy! MCHFM Matt Crabe Heaven’s Favorite Man”

Thanks Matt for not sending over any severed fingers. Or any biological material for that matter. Jungle Ben and I used to to put a hoagie in the locker at the beginning of every school year and visit it throughout the year so I know what can happen to some small meat pieces in a small metal box. I’m pretty sure I’d get in trouble with the mail ladies.

Taints and Sinners features drawings of a bunch of primary and secondary sexual organ monsters mixed up with some daggers, crucifixes and pyramids. Charle Blaughn has a bunch of creative solutions to the problem: how can I draw Charlie Brown doing as many cartoonish sex acts on copies of himself, tanks, hearts, volcanoes, and his own wiener which also should have his own head on it? 16 Portraits by Heavens Favorite Man is a drawing zine with a cool plastic painted cover and photocopies inside. You can check out Matt’s art over here and here and get yourself copies of these books over here.

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