Letter to Meathaus: Badteeth

Letter to Meathaus: Badteeth

Glenn Manders of Brisbane sent over two Bad Teeth Zine Factory issues and a letter that reads:

“Thanks so much for posting about the first issue of BTZF!
Here are the next two issues for you.. You may recognize some artists from issue #3!…”

Thanks Glenn for the zines. (See last issue sent over here.) Issue #2 contains funny looking mid-grimacing “hand-drawn portraits of the top 32 ranked players for the first week of February in 2013” as defined by the Association of Tennis Professionals by Glenn. The pieces from Delphine Durand and Friderike Hantel above are from issue #3 which is the guest artist issue featuring cheeseburger inspired pieces. Check out more and links to a lot of artists on Bad Teeth.

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