Letter to Meathaus: Silent Army

Letter to Meathaus: Silent Army

Michael from Silent Army sent over two Dailies comics anthology issues, a Seasonal zine, and two Froth mini comics/art zines, oh yes and Braddock Ways, all from far Melbourne, and a letter:

“Hi Meathaus folks!!
Here’s some ‘Dailies’ anthologies to read & enjoy ~ have a look!
Please going
Thankyou etc.
Director/Janitor of Silent Army ~”

Hey thanks Michael, if you want to check out these past things sent our way from the Silent Army, all you have to do is click here. Also if this Michael character sounds familiar it is because he is, having been posted about here before and being one of the bold international trendsetters who volunteered their artwork for hacking up into Melting Pot #1. And look at that, Silent Army is a web presence and is now even a brick ‘n’ mortar space. Click over, learn more. Fly to Australia, step inside.

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