Letter to Meathaus: Tom Meddings

Letter to Meathaus: Tom Meddings

Meathaus got a package from Tom Meddings who is on the other side of the planet which included this letter:

“Dear Meathaus,
I present to you my newly self-published comic ‘NOCLIP’ for your viewing pleasure.
As a brief bio: I am Tom Meddings, an England born artist who is at present living and working in Bangkok.
Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff!
Tom xx”

Well thanks Tom for the comic and the introduction to your work. NOCLIP is about this guy who is some kind of upside-down ghost and he’s confused about it, mostly in a shopping mall of some sort, and after being a creepy peeper for a bit (he discovers he can pass through walls etc.,) he accidentally passes through a person and sees all the guts and brains in cut-away view. Then he tests that out for a while until he meets a girl who is on his level, but a lot more experienced. And she’s come to show him the ropes.

Meathaus readers will be able to instantly see more of Tom’s fresh comics produce here and over on his website and he’s also over on The Box Collective where he and friends release art and music for free.

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