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Hey I posted this on facebook but I’m not against meeting some local weirdo digital duplicator enthusiast strangers either, so:

Project idea: I’ve got a 20+ year old Risograph in the garage here in Mt Airy, Phila., PA. I’ve got 6 color drums! I bought all of it off a gas station manager out near Limerick, PA for three hundred bucks and risked life and my dad’s life to move that beast down her cat-crappy stairs. She may have threatened us with a butcher knife as she demonstrated how to close the drum with a trick I’ve since forgotten. We laid the money on the bed and trucked outta there. Maybe I was scammed, maybe it never will work. Power goes to it, I’ve got the masters that are supposed to fit. But one side of the master roll needs a roller-flange-thing to hold it up to roll in straight. A pretty simple but essential part. I’m thinking we have to 3D-print or build it out of something. Another thing is I can’t close the damn color drum drawer any more, I was able to last year, but now I can’t. Anyway, there’s so much potential if we could just get it working. If you want to help figure it out and get it working, of course you’d get to print on it forever as much as you wanted. I also have a b/w only digital duplicator down there too. That one worked and then I forget what happened. Probably will work again, but it is basically just a glorified but lower quality photocopier with just black ink.

Above image from Evan’s blog of one of the prints-outs that I send out with packages sometimes from the b/w digital duplicator when it worked for a bit.

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