Letter to Meathaus: Youth In Decline


Josh was back here yesterday just long enough to help me get some letters to Meathaus scanned and posted in a timely fashion, thanks Josh.

Ryan Sands from the newly minted Youth in Decline sent Meathaus over the debut issue of Frontier, the monograph anthology. This one is full of art from Uno Moralez, whose work has almost exclusively been limited to your computer screen until now. Frontier is a 32 page multi-color digital duplicator printed book with a thicker cover stock, expertly trimmed, stapled and presented as a pleasing thing to hold and experience.

Uno Moralez’s pixelated art on the printed page is a new, worthwhile way to experience its excellent creepiness, especially the short comics bit included. Separated from the internet and all its inherent distractions, Uno’s work can now lull you into a deep sense of mysterious dread in the comfort of your favorite armchair.

I have previously featured Uno’s work on Meathaus here and on Cartoon Brew here.

For those that miss the animated aspect of Uno’s work, Ryan has got that covered too. Youth in Decline has printed a set of two animated lenticular printed postcards of Uno’s gif art.

In the enclosed letter Ryan teases the upcoming Frontier issues expected this year including #2 which will feature the work of Hellen Jo, debuting at the Small Press Expo. Buy everything over on Youth in Decline‘s website.

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