Letter to Meathaus: Will Laren


Will Laren sent Meathaus a package with two sweet Slurricane issues (IV and #5) and a letter that reads:

As per my family’s ancient blood oath, I now bestow to you our yearly tribute of two zines. The debt is paid.
–Will Laren
P.S. Other people can buy these zines at this address:


Thanks Will! See Will’s comics that go in his comics zines at the blog and realize that you’ll really want to have these zines in your hand to read all the jokes between the multi-colored silkscreened covers. Every page is a long-winded monolog from a new character that you will learn all about and see in action on the page, bulging and twisted popping veins and eyeballs out of faces with intensity. See other stuff about Will like past issues he sent to Meathaus here and check out his page over here too.


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