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Hemorrhaging visitors like it’s 2013… man take us to the emergency room–what, is the era of the blog island over now that everyone is their own tumblr dashboard curator? What about RSS feeds, who likes to feed on those? tanked even though those guys had like 12 authors or something. I bet they were facing what I’m facing, being really busy. I’m not quitting on you…no worries about that. Just think, now the club you are in is even more exclusive than ever. We’ll get through these rough patches together. Hold me…

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…I like feeding on RSS feeds. I’m always happy to see a new Meathaus post. I love seeing the zines and comics that folks have sent in; it’s inspiring.

Thanks for joining the support circle, friends-of-meathaus. I don’t know if analytics pick up the RSS feeders, I’d probably have to be better at that stuff to make it happen. The stats have never really mattered in any practical way, so it’s cool. I guess the big question is if the decline does reflect a larger trend in the way people read sites, and/or if people are visiting less because of the choppy irregularity of posting, or some other factor. RSS is indeed a good way to get meathaus posts because of that very irregularity, you get them when they come. Probably answering my own question, since I’ve heard again and again that regular posting is the way to build an audience, and that was my experience when I dedicated to posting 5-10 times a week a few years back. Now that that can’t be maintained again, this could just be a steady return back to the baseline readership who doesn’t mind putting up with irregular posting fits. Thanks pals!

yo! I freakin love meathaus. when I need dependable quality, I stop by every couple days. And I dig through old stuff. tumblr is a constant gazette of win some lose some–meathaus is an encyclopedia of inspiration.

One of my favourite blogs, I’ve discovered so many great artists via this website. Keep up the great work Chris!

Hello Chris! If it wasn’t for Meathaus I wouldn’t have discovered all the wonderful artists that I now fondly follow. Thanks a million.

Still one of my favourite blogs to visit.

Its gold minus all the arty nonsense you get over at all the highbrow mags etc.

don’t stop!


You were wondering what it means that stuff you post looks like it was drawn by a hipster with an ass full of dildos.

Your posts lean toward work with a kind of underground look, work that often isn’t conventionally lovely but looks rougher and less technically adept (whether or not that’s true–sometimes it takes real skill to look like you’re not trying). It’s more experimental and there’s often something spontaneous and genuine about it… even if it’s pretty trendy right now to have “ugly” drawings.

Every artblog has its own flavor. Scene360.Illusion airs on the side of pretty to the point of pretty tacky. SupersonicElectronic puts up cool lowbrow work that’s conceptually lite or pop-y.

You guys are more fun than most.

Cool, thanks for the thoughtful comment Abe. Now that I understand, I think I’ll use that term in my next class critique. “I like what you’ve done here, it looks like a hipster with ten dildos up his ass drew it..”

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