Letter to Meathaus: Roman Muradov


Roman Muradov sent Meathaus three zines, a two color postcard print, a mini square drawing, and a postcard that reads:

“Hello again, Meathaus!
Here’s a new Yellow Zine, it’s much better than the previous ones & some other recent zines. Also, I have a proper book coming out with Nobrow, so that’s exciting. I’ll send you a copy if I get any extras. Thanks for the support!

-Roman Muradov”

Roman that is good news about having a book coming out from Nobrow. Maybe you ran out of room on the postcard because you didn’t also write what is on the inside of the back cover of your latest Yellow Zine, which says you will also potentially have an autobio comic coming out from Retrofit at around the same time. Thanks for these items, they are all so nice to read and look at. This “Cling” is a real two-color beauty. Roman draws with such controlled simplicity in some places, designed chaos in others. Roman is the boss in charge of these lines and shapes. And his characters are fretting about things like death, chorizo-choking and grave-pissing.

Head over to Roman’s website and blog and check out the previous letters to Meathaus and Roman posts here.


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