Hello people, apologies for the outage in your regular Meathaus blogging service. I’ll just say that it involves three TV shows, some software, two books, another website, a trip, some 3D renderings of retail environments, and blah blah bah.

Hey, while you wait, take a look at this image stash. I’ve resisted linking to before because I contribute next to nothing new on there. It is just a reblogging tank for myself, a personal reservoir of eye candy. I believe the kids today call those “inspiration blogs.” But they’re just like a-holes, everyone’s got one. And once you’ve seen one… But since I haven’t posted for so long here, “check it out!” Go straight to the archive view if you prefer, I know that I often like that better than the infinite scroll view on the front page.

As far as warnings go, there is nakedness, funny and cool horror, some comic violence, but no gore. As far as tumblr etiquette goes, I think I’m doing it right… All the information from reblogs is still on each post, you just have to click the little bar that comes up over each image to investigate the source.

Did I ever mention that you shouldn’t go to I mean if you are looking for Meathaus content that is. If you are looking for man-on-man porn, then by all means, go ahead. We should have grabbed that URL sooner.

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