Letter to Meathaus: Mimi Chrzanowski

Letter to Meathaus: Mimi Chrzanowski

Mimi Chrzanowski sent a package to Meathaus with a nutty load in it and a letter that reads:

“Hi Meathaus! I wrote you once before using the name Michelle but I go with Mimi Chrzanowski now. I have been playing around in my Baby Town brain and have been serializing Babytown Newsletter twice a year. So far so good! Please find good homes for the stickies I sent!

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Hey thanks Mimi for these zines and stickers. You sound very industrious and productive. It’s good to set schedules for personal projects. It elevates their importance to become equal with other work as much as possible. I’ll go check your gifs. This letter is definitely part of a pile that has taken a long time to get to, but now is in progress. Good stuff in that pile.

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