Letter to Meathaus: Men’s Feelings

Letter to Meathaus: Men's Feelings

Revival House Press kindly sent Meathaus over a copy of one of their recent titles, Ted May’s collection of short pieces called Men’s Feelings. Publisher Dave Nuss included a letter that reads:

“Here’s the latest fun one from Revival House Press: Men’s Feelings by Ted May. It’s chock full of brilliant gags and vignettes, all crafted in that top-notch Ted May-style. Some are meant to tickle your funny bone while others were conceived to elicit a degree of poignance. It’s a bold work (i.m.h.o.) Enjoy!
Your pal,

Thanks Dave and Ted! This collection is fun to read. There are a lot of toilets and dumps and base, body-related issues in here. “Men’s Feelings” indeed. Check out Ted’s blog over here. Preview a color version of one of the comics in the book where it was published first over on Vice.

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