Letter to Meathaus: Alison Dubois

Alison Dubois

Wow! Here is another super letter from a super person that I feel bummed about taking so long to post. Dang it. Give me a moment to wallow in guilt. OK, that’s better. Alison sent over a package from San Francisco with two books and a letter that reads:

“Long-time listener, first-time caller.

Wanted to introduce myself with a small collection of paper goods.

Antiques Roadshow is my editorial debut, 100% hand-made in SF with comics by local talent (+ a few from elsewhere…) + wonderful humans.

Escape is a short silk screened comic inspired by a dream I had about my stupid darling rabbit, Bun Bun.

Please to enjoy! –Alison
online @

Well thanks for sending over these hand-crafted books, Alison. I see that the comics in Antiques Roadshow are all by other artists but you did the cover and inside cover art. The covers are silkscreened and the interior comics are digital-duplicator-printed. The contributors are Jesse Balmer, Zejian Shen, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Roman Muradov, Tom Toye, Michael Olivo, and Niv Bavarsky. Check out more info and get one here. One page above (in blue ink) is by Jesse Balmer. Escape is pretty intense. It looks like Bun Bun somehow removes it’s eye and escapes the city for a life under a carrot garden cave being a liquidy self-replicating rabbit dream. See more Alison work on her blog.

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