Postcard to Meathaus: Taidgh

Postcard to Meathaus: Taidhg

Taidgh sent Meathaus a cheerful postcard with original art on it and a nice note that reads:

“Dear Chris @ Meathaus,
hello from ireland! i’m a mailartist and i thought id send you a handmade postcard rather than a boring email. i remember reading a post on your blog about traffic and numbers being down i think i left a post about how i love meathaus and get a lot of my inspiration from the site. so think of this as a thank you postcard. Hope everything is going well for you. have a great day. –Taidgh
more of my mailart:

Well thanks for this postcard, Taidgh. I did see your previous comment and this one is a super-comment because it comes in the mail written on this card with all these weirdos drawn on it. It’s extra powerful this way. I see from your Flickr that being a mailartist means that you mail out all kinds of nutty packages!

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