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I just remembered that people start buying stuff around this time. Which also reminded me that I bought all the back stock of Meathaus SOS so it would be available as long as the book stock holds up. My goal is to get these books into your hands all over the world, not have them sit in the basement. Also same goes for the other back issues of Meathaus that constitute the New Olde Pack. I encourage you to check out the BUY page and get an eye-full of this SALE. If you don’t have Meathaus SOS yet, then you should get it now. It’s like 50 or 60% off or something. It’s $12.95 plus shipping. Not the $30 plus shipping it was yesterday.

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  1. Hi Chris! Thanks a million for Meathaus SOS, and the extras! I got it in the post a few days ago. With the price slash I was able to splash out on the crazy international postage. Well worth it though and a great read too! Have a great weekend!

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