Letter to Meathaus: Max Miller Dowdle

Letter to Meathaus: Max Miller Dowdle

Max Miller Dowdle sent Meathaus a package with a mini comic called Nightswimming and a a letter that reads:

“Hello Meathaus,
I wanted to tell you I’ve been a longtime reader of Meathaus and I love it! I just wanted to send you a review copy of my first minicomic, Nightswimming. On the back you’ll find some details about my other projects, including my ongoing webcomic Shattered With Curve of Horn. Thanks again for Meathaus, guys.
Best, Max Miller Dowdle”

All right! Well thanks for sending over a book, Max. There’s a gross surprise at the end of the comic, I wonder if it is a true story. Glad you like the posts here on Meathaus and maybe the books too. Hmm, it looks like it took a few months to get this posted. Well that just means there is more of your webcomic online by now for readers to check out (see link above and image below). See Max’s main website, Artagem, here, where you can get a copy yourself and read more online comics.


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