Letter to Meathaus: Izza

Letter to Meathaus: Izza

Check it out, Izza from a “fetid rural town on the South Coast of Australia” (quote from her zine bio page) sent Meathaus this handmade zine with cut out photocopies of her drawings pasted into the pages along with stickers of Pooh Bear and a photo from a McCain Roast Chicken frozen dinner ad. It’s called Fruity Zine. And there was a letter that reads:

“Hello Meathaus
Before you is a copy of my first ever art zine for your eyes to gaze upon. I love your website, don’t ever stop posting! Ciao, Izza
P.S. Shameless plug – If any Australian readers of Meathaus fancy a copy, they can be found at The Sticky Institute and Polyester Books in Melbourne.”

Well thanks for this package, Izza. I could tell right away that a fun and funky individual had mailed us something when the envelope slid out of the PO Box bedazzled with horse stickers with metallic stamp accents in their manes and BFF hearts. Check out more work from Izza as she makes it on her Tumblr.

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