Letter to Meathaus: Michael Olivo

Letter to Meathaus: Michael Olivo

Michael Olivo sent Meathaus this massive package with all of these super books in it. I can’t find a letter in there but let the books do the talking. And go look at Michael’s blog and website and Flickr. There is Set Sail For Rocks, and there is Michael’s store where you can buy a bundle of comics all at once which will probably be similar to this load, but maybe different? Or they are individually for sale too. There is DCXXXL, DCXXXL.2, SWARM! and more things! See more things on his website. Oh I found the letter on the back of the orange post-it note:

“Dear MH, It’s a grey leg bone. M”

Thanks Michael for all the books and the note and cool post-it note artwork, stickers and postcard.

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