Letter to Meathaus: Tom Meddings

Letter to Meathaus: Tom Meddings

Tom Meddings sent all this neat stuff from Thailand, including some stickers and Eye to Eye and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus, Here is a copy of my latest book for you! Eye to Eye my first venture into offset with a hand screen printed slipcover. Also some stickers that I have been wanting to print for ages but just found somewhere with a reasonable enough [something] for the die-cutting! Hope you enjoy! Tom XX Facebook/unedibletom

Oh wow everyone should get into this Eye to Eye book about this hunter lady who is out and she wants to shoot some deer, but then a fly and a bunch of deer basically become a bunch of naked ladies everywhere crawling all over her rifle and eyeballs and she definitely has some second thoughts before making a decision about what to do. And these stickers are very handsome and expertly die-cut indeed. Get in touch with Tom here or here to learn more about everything and get your hamfists on these materials. See Tom’s previous letter here.

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