Eric B. Rivera Art

Eric B. Rivera Art

Eric B. Rivera dropped us a note to check out his new artwork that he completed, PNG Winter Triptych. I’ll let the description on his blog fill you in on context:

I finished three new auto surrealism watercolor pieces, which are really painstaking to make and tend to induce slight delirium, headaches, and occasionally migraines in the artist through conception. Now I will pack these paintings up and send them to a collector living in the hills of Los Angeles, CA. I wish I lived in LA right now, as Chicago is deep chilled by our second “polar vortex” in as many weeks. Instead, I stay indoors drawing, grow pale and soft, sleep restlessly. I’ve been having really frightening nightmares, often set in my childhood home, often involving rat infestations. Of course I was born in the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. What could it mean, as the water levels rise around the globe, secret wars rage on between the Reptilians and the Holograms, human men fed to the deluge like common fodder, the morlocks kept brainwashed through their Coke and Pepsi, brains whirring on nitrogen haze, balls full, eyes glazed from digital vapor.

Also if you poke around his website you can enjoy his comics about gross biker dudes kicking each other’s asses with throwing stars and truckers drugging and peeing on people.

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