Gigantic Stash of Comics to Read

The Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum

Sorry, you’ve got to take the rest of the day off and read comics. Head over to The Digital Comic Museum to read and download free public domain golden age comics that range from adventure to romance to off-brand wonky Donald Duck rip-offs to all kinds of government a-bomb avoidance pamphlets to comics from cartoonist superstars like Walt Kelly, Milt Gross, Dr. Seuss, Dan Gordon, and more, to primitive comics from terrible cartoonists (see Little Moron by Heck and Ilda above). This is why they made the Internet, people. Free comics.

One reply on “Gigantic Stash of Comics to Read”

Cool beans!

Lately I’ve been following the republication of the Calvin & Hobbes strips via gocomics.

It’s funny, I read everything in that strip that I could find as a kid, but now that it’s online I’m finding gems here and there that I’m positive I’ve never seen before.

And having them on your tablet makes it easier to do drawing studies, too.

Thanks for the tip!

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