Letter to Meathaus: Łukasz Kowalczuk

Strange Kids Club

Strange Kids Club

Strange Kids Club

Strange Kids Club

Łukasz Kowalczuk sent Meathaus this package with three comics in it and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus,
It’s my second letter to you. You liked my first one, so I decided to send you another one . . . With Nienawidze Ludzi #5 (this years issue), Harkonnen, Fat Fucking Flying Bastard (from 2012) and one NEW ONE – VRECKLESS VRESTLERS #0. Its about Vrestlers. They are fighting in space. There will be more, so stay tuned.
Check out

Best regards, blah blah blah blah
No, Really.
Best regards!
[drawing] This is Szlamu Król (King of the Slime)”

Yeah! Look at this Meathaus Vrestler Łukasz drew on the comic:

Łukasz Kowalczuk

That guy is a tough guy. Follow along with the intergalactic Vrestling action on Vreckless Vrestlers where Łukasz has already shown off some subsequent issues (we took a long time to post this).

Also check out Łukasz’s last letter and comics to Meathaus here!

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