Letter to Meathaus: Mineshaft


Letter to Meathaus: Mineshaft

Letter to Meathaus: Mineshaft

Everett from Mineshaft sent Meathaus over the latest issue and a note that says:

“Hello Meathaus.
Hope like the new Mineshaft.
Best wishes to you and Meathaus.

Yes! Thanks for this exciting comics, drawing, writing and Crumb’s dreams magazine. You’ve got Christoph Mueller doing a comic about growing up obsessing over Crumb then meeting him and corresponding with him, some Mary Fleener, Jay Lynch, Bill Griffith, and more in Issue 30. William Crook Jr. draws some city and landscapes. We took so long to get this post up you can already get your eyeballs over to the Mineshaft website and pre-order issue #31, coming right up! See previous issue of Mineshaft sent to Meathaus here.

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