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Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo Cover

Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo Cover

Here is the jacket cover of the art book that I wrote and designed, Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo. It has an introduction by Guillermo del Toro. It was edited by Eric Klopfer at Abrams, which is the publisher. Cartoon Network, Pen Ward, Adam Muto, and the whole crew were involved in its creation. Here is an referral link: Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo that you can click and pre-order it with so that I can earn some extra change and go out for some pizzas. It is still on a super pre-order sale as of right now. The very reasonable $35 cover price (this is a 352 page book), is currently 29% off … so that’s about ten bucks off, which makes it $24.92. Get into it! It publishes this fall. Look out for more previews and images soon.

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It’s already being printed! But since the jacket is removable, you can make your own replacement jacket for a custom and crafty experience.

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