Letter to Meathaus: Mack



Mack from SpaceFace sent Meathaus a delightful package with books printed with digital duplicator technology and a postcard that reads:

“Here are some Riso books! ♡ Mack”

Thanks Mack! What we’ve got here is a postcard with Michael DeForge artwork featuring The Boy in Question, Me Nut Nut Nut #2 by Jason Murphy, Misliving Amended by Adam Buttrick, and MS2 Resurrection by Gabriel Corbera. All three books are curiously confusing with interesting action that creates unique reading sensations.


Gabriel Corbera’s weird, balding, action/business-man has to deal with a lot of vampire-zombie-mutants in a world of benches, empty rooms, and drab office buildings.


Adam Buttrick’s pleasurably cartooned characters psychotically maintain their one expression each while judging, processing and executing each other.


Read a lot of Jason Murphy’s work on his site as well as this book and you will enjoy picking up on themes of spiders, spider nightmares, spider eggs, and in this case, maybe spider bites and allergic pustules. Also then some character snorts this kid and his mom’s house into its nose and there are some Spanish speaking creatures there, so brush up on your español, amigos.

Finally, dig into these past packages from the SpaceFace here, here and here!

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