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Signed Ooo for You

Art of Ooo book plates

Signed Ooo for You

There are a load of exactly 300 Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo books with signed and doodled book plate stickers available now exclusively at Think Geek. Here is a blog post about it where you can see a shot (also above) of a few of the three hundred unique doodles that I made for you ready to place in books. Obviously the people who took the shot took special geeky pleasure in showing off some of the weird alternate Finn versions that I drew every once in a while. Will you get one? I don’t know. I think I remember drawing a Hello Kitty-Finn, a Hobbes-Finn, a Heathcliff-Finn, a Garfield-Finn and then just a bunch of weird Finns and some Jakes. See the spread of just some of the book plates above.

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