Letter to Meathaus: Andrew McKay

Letter to Meathaus: Andrew McKay
‘peony study 9’ Mixed media on 16″by20″ MDF [20.625″by24.625″ framed]. 2014-15. Collaboration with Melanie Sarazin.

Letter to Meathaus

Letter to Meathaus

Check it out, Andrew McKay sent Meathaus a package with PEONY STUDIES and a letter that says:

“Hello again Meathaus,
Please see enclosed for your review a copy of the catalogue produced for my most recent body of work, PEONY STUDIES.
With thanks,
A. McKay”

Well thank you A., let’s take a look at this book. Andrew also goes by Andy Borehol which it says right on the cover, and the work includes ten collaborating artists in the project as well from Andrew’s locality of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As is often the case, you’re going to do better using the native image browsing system that you are currently using to eyeball these peonies over on Andrew’s website rather than trying to see some detail in the scanned thumbnails of the catalog above. As of this writing, the PEONY STUDIES are right on the front page of the website so get over there and check ’em out. Not only does Andrew’s letter say “Hello again” but I had the sense that we have had a letter or links from Andrew before–but no combination of searches on this website bring up any previous articles or letters to link to. It is a strange universe, indeed.

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