Letter to Meathaus: Sciencepainted

Letter to Meathaus

Letter to Meathaus

Letter to Meathaus

Check it out Sciencepainted sent Meathaus a zine and then another zine and a note that says:

“Hi Meathaus, Here’s a little book for ya’ More to see at Amen! Mike”

Also now we know that Sciencepainted has a name and it is Mike Olson because it is right on the cover of Primitive Beast, Language, one of the two zines he sent. Dig into these drawing publications and you will find Mike drawing more figures and characters and almost flirting with one panel gag cartoons but not quite still keeping things weird enough to be continuously conceptually curious or confusing in a eyeball-worthy way. And then there are a few one panel gags too. Check out more on the tumblr.

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