Philly Small Press Faire Hot Stash

Pat Aulisio and pals threw another sweet small press event recently where Pat also exhibited drawings, comics and a sculptural construction in the middle of the floor. I was able to pick up a few items in a brief time there. It looked like a great, packed and tightly curated little event. From Pat I grabbed The Greater Good (co-authored with Josh Bayer) and Stoner Alien:

At another table I was able to get these beautiful books from Lale Westvind (scans are of two covers and one interior spread):

And some newish Mickey Z stuff which was also on her table:

And there was a table with some young people from the Fleisher Art Memorial‘s teen classes (I think?), who were selling some prints and comics and stuff. I grabbed a cute comics zine about a cat who finds some wintery holiday happiness:

My only beef? Someone’s gotta tell these youngsters that a DIY comics zine made from one double sided photocopy sheet and two staples usually runs cheaper than four bucks! On the other hand, was it a fundraiser? I don’t know. If so, I’m an ass for bringing that up. But you can’t blame me since I’m now old as dirt and losing my faculties. Young people: you are the future.

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