Letter to Meathaus: Christoph Mueller

Look at this: Meathaus SOS contributor Christoph Mueller sent Meathaus his solo comic book anthology The Nincompoop No. 1 and an envelope drawing that reads:

“Hey there Meathaüs!
Hope you’ll dig my little D.I.Y. comic book–
Best wishes,
C.M. 2016”

Outstanding, Christoph. What a fine production, and self-published, too! You know we at Meathaus can dig that. In terms of digging, The Nincompoop makes me feel like I’ve just dug it out of the stacks of NYC’s comics shops seventeen years ago when I was scoring ’90s era Eightballs and Dirty Plottes and picking up the latest Jimmy Corrigans. You’ll want to find more about this ish over on Mueller’s Journal and check out all the other fine drawing and design work while you are there.

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